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Download Otoshidama

Download Otoshidama

In Japan,
adults are supposed to give money gift to their
children or grandchildren including relatives'children
or friend's children on New Year's Day.
This custom is known as so-called 'Otoshidama.'

Japan of game & smartphone app creators classroom "monolizm" is gift you.
Coin rush game "Otoshidama" has appeared!


Please experience the pleasure to win the coin in large quantities!!
There is also a ranking function and title features!
Aim! Gold of the Dead! Aim! No.1!

Please enjoy to your heart's content.

Floor is looming from the bottom like a seesaw.
Let's take a coin Turning jump well!

You can earn tremendous number of coins!
Exactly coin RUSH!!!

Of course there are high score!
Also a possible at the same time participate in the world rankings!

Best record in the menu ,
And title is ! Aim ! God of money!

Download Otoshidama


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